Rabu, Agustus 12, 2009

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JOGJAKARTA, Java, Indonesia:

1 May 2008 Message from West Papuan students in Jogjakarta to Indonesia Government and to the world and especially to the people of U.K.

“Give us West Papuans our political rights we were promised on 1 December 1961. Indonesia, Netherlands and U.S. are responsible for the repressive action and manipulation about in the way Indonesia annexed West Papua Land.

Stop putting pressure on Papuans to accept Special Autonomy and the split of West Papua into more provinces.

Now the Indonesia Government is head of the UN decolonisation committee. We urge you to bring West Papua matter onto the Agenda.”

Update (5 May 2008): Since the flag raising on 1 May, Indonesian intelligence have threatened and intimidated the Papuan students in Jogjakarta. At the moment, the students are not leaving their dormitories.


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